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Company Strength

Company Strength

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maosenNingbo Maosen Sport Goods Co.,LTD. was founded in 2006, the registered capital of 4 million, is a professional ski manufacturing factory, Ningbo, Zhejiang. Companies that produce the most professional ski single panel and double Board for the purpose, to provide customers with the best quality service. Since the company's inception, it has to come from North America, skiing more than 10 well-known brands in Europe and Asia to provide processing services, as well as their acceptance and trust.

Ten years of development, the company always adhere to the "innovation, quality, service, integrity, respect, gratitude" 12-character concept. Active research and development and innovation in the product characteristics and process approach, strict control gate, provides a full range of services to each and every customer tracking, insist on making high-quality products. In "the pursuit of interests, workforce, technology, spirituality," 10 words purposes. Now has a team of capable management staff and a high-quality professional and technical team. Company now has 15000 square meters of modern standard workshop, through many yearsof overseas cooperation to establish the most comprehensive customer service and technical support.


Company: veneer for our products include skiing, ski pairs and kite boards. In order to better to contact customers, we have established a 24-hour service to ensure timely and accurate communication with customers.

Technical strength: production facility, the company mostly uses imported machinery such as: end of Richman, Wintersteiger stone. Also unique automatic steel edge bending machine is used, the steel edge curvature fitting version.

Independent research and development of new type of chamfering machine, fillet is more stable, more intensified.

Excellent team: our team has engaged in snow manufacturing professionals for decades, will be responsible for client one-on-one butt-translation team, and also from Canada's design team, and contributed in the ski industry overseas consultant "well-known designer Jason Broz" and "linen Nils Larsen, founder snowboard".

Quality: the company has a special quality inspection departments set up, responsible for the inspection of each product and customer feedback in a timely manner.

Company philosophy: "honesty, quality first, new meaning for the customer", our company our customers first, service-oriented business philosophy, with excellent service strength, skilled personnel focused on technology, enabling customers to enjoy quality service at the same time increasing its strength.